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Welcome to hyperreactive.io – your one-stop shop for boosting your tech competencies. Whether you're a singleton developer in a brand new startup or a cog in a big machine at an Fortune 500 company, hyperreactive can help you and your team achieve better.

We can help with team dynamics, agilic performance, internal communication, deep or narrow training, mentoring and many other aspects of development team improvements.

Communication is key

Internal communication on a team is key. Whether you're a scrum or a kanban team and irrespective of your dogmatism to the ceremonies of your chosen model, effective communication between all members of the team is the most important factor in maintaining a well-oiled machine.

We have a track record of optimising communication flows, cutting down on minutes and hours wasted in meetings, identifying and shortcutting important information paths and securing a consistent velocity in the production.

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Achieve more with a Team Audit

Let one of our consultants observe and question your frontend development team during a single sprint and get a comprehensive team audit

With an embedded consultant you can be assured to raise your team to a new and higher standard through the knowledge and experience from our consultants.

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Educate your team to new heights

Book a workshop for your developers or the entire team focusing on a particular aspect of your team's performance seeking to raise your skills. It can be technical or interpersonal – whatever your team needs the most.

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