What we offer to clients

We have a set of standardised offers listed below, that we start from when working with a new client. Feel free to contact us about any of the below services.

You can also just get in touch with us and we will have a conversation about how to help you – a combination of our offers tailored to your organisation will often yield the strongest results.


Duration: 3-12 months

Location: offsite

Fee: Starting at $500 per month

Are you a junior or midlevel engineer and do you want to know how to move to the next level faster? With a mentor from hyperreactive, you will be partnered with a senior developer already at or beyond your desired goal.

Through weekly digital meetups and extensive contact during a 3 to 12 month period, you will be guided toward the career, that you dream of.

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Duration: 2-5 days

Location: on- or offsite

Fee: see individual workshops

We offer workshops for teams and individuals and can scale these to include up to 8 participants. We have a wide selection of workshops and deliver them at our corporate offices.

You can also contact us for custom workshops tailored to your needs.

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Duration: 4-20 sessions of 2 hours

Location: on- or offsite

Fee: Starting at $200 per session

Receive one-on-one training on any frontend-related topic.

We can train you regardless of level to become better in your field. We cater to a wide range of topics within frontend development including but not limited to:

  • HTML and CSS3,

  • Semantic web,

  • React,

  • Speed and page optimisations,

  • Understanding web development,

  • Coding standards,

  • API design,

  • Continuous integration and deployment,

  • Automated testing,

  • Agile development,

  • Versioning systems and methodologies, and

  • Documentation

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Agilic Audit

Duration: 1–2 weeks

Location: onsite

Fee: Starting at $4,950

Let one of our consultants be a fly on the wall in your team during a sprint (or sprint-like period). Our consultant will observe your day-to-day work, talk with your developers – senior as well as junior – and discuss processes with your team lead or scrum master. The consultant will be onsite on and off during a 1 to 2 week period.

You will then receive a comprehensive and actionable audit reviewing your team, their skills, communication and processes with a presentation outlying both low-hanging fruits and long-term opportunities.

The report contains sections covering code quality and health, coding standards, velocity, agilic performance, communication, knowledge sharing, staffing, and custom sections specific for your business or industry. For each section the report details the observations made, uncovers identified strengths and weaknesses in the team, and suggests threats and opportunities – all with actionable steps on how to get better.

If you have any areas of concern up front, we will of course address those in particular.

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Duration: ½–6 months

Location: onsite

Fee: Starting at $14,950 per month

Don't judge a team before you sprint a mile in their code.

The best way for us to understand the difficulties and opportunities of your team is to be embedded onsite for a period.

Not only will this give you an extra full-time, active and very senior developer that is able to hit the ground running on day 1. But you will also get the benefit of having someone view your team from both within and the outside, being able to pinpoint bottle-necks, mentor junior developers, and raise standards.

Our consultants can embed in almost all frontend development teams working in common web frameworks with any work methodology.

Embedding can be scheduled anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months or longer. This service is often combined with an Audit for added benefits.

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