We regular schedule workshops open to all participants. All workshops will give you a measurable skill and leave you with new ideas as well as a physical binder of knowledge.

Our workshops are interactive class-room style sessions, where we'll cover some theory and then you'll work on trying things out in practice. There will never be more than 8 participants so you can ask all the questions, that you need to understand the subject matter at hand.

Bring your own computer, and you're good to go. But do check the requirements for each workshop – some require prerequisite knowledge or some tools or accounts set up in advance.

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Introduction to web development

Learn the basics of web development in this two day crash course. We'll help you get from zero to junior blazingly fast. You will get some specific skills, but most importantly you'll learn the most essential skill of web development: quickly assessing something new.

This course will cover the basics of internet architecture and you'll learn about higher-level concepts such as server-client, frontend-backend, protocols, etc. We will however not go too deeply into the theory and make it hands-on and actionable as possible.

You will of course also learn how to build a simple website, how to add content (HTML), how to style the content (CSS) and how to make the content interactive (JavaScript). And finally you will learn how to make your content accessible to the public (hosting).

And finally you will learn all there still is to learn. Web development is a huge ecosystem and we'll try to open your eyes to all the families and species of tools, acronyms and frameworks out there. We can of course only cover a tiny percentage in two days, but we'll paint the big picture and show you where everything belongs. You will take home some very useful diagrams, that'll serve as a reference for many years to come.

This workshop is for you if you are a new developer or want to transition into web development. You only need a basic knowledge of computers and internet and not much more. Just bring your own laptop and a curious mind and we'll have you developing in no time!

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Intermediate frontend web development

There's a big difference between knowing how to chop onions and being a good chef!

This workshop will teach you how to use your basic skills of writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript and put them in a larger context. How do you make a good website, how do you write quality code? Learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to writing good HTML uses the idea of the Semantic Web, deploy logical stylesheets using CSS Frameworks and methodologies and leverage existing JavaScript frameworks to ease your burden.

You will also learn not to re-invent the carousel. Everything you want to do has most likely been done before. Learn how to build web apps using existing tools already out there and how to couple things together correctly. This will not a be a thorough introduction to the individual frameworks, but we will play around with both React, Angular and Vue to give you an idea about what they do and why they're as hot and popular, as they are.

But what's a frontend without a backend? We'll create a website with dynamic content read from an API and we'll even look at different types of API's and how to handle them. Well briefly discuss security around API's as well.

Finally we'll go into some more details around coding practices and how to organise your development in a structured way. We'll be using Github to create some sample projects, we'll set up our own coding standards, and we'll use git commit messages to link things together.

This workshop is for you if you're a junior developer or have just played around with web development in your spare time and want to take your frontend web development skills to a new level. You have a basic understanding of the web and you can create basic HTML pages with CSS and JavaScript. You have an editor of choice and are able to get your web pages live to the public at large.

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Introduction to React

This is React in a nutshell! We'll start out completely from scratch introducing the core concepts of React including functional programming and pure coding.

Slowly adding on this foundation, we'll add statefulness, context and hooks to make more complex apps. We'll also quickly introduce Redux as it's still very popular, but also show why you don't need it anymore.

You will build your own web application complete with a visual component library served online for everyone to see. You might not have a purpose in mind, but we have plenty of great ideas. Maybe a roster for your kid's soccer team? Or a family chore schedule? How about an app for organising your stamp collection? There's plenty of options and together we'll build something you didn't think possible in such a short time.

This workshop is for you if you're a junior developer that want to understand React and be able to participate in React development either on your own or in a team as a junior member. You have a good understanding of web development and terminology and are familiar with things like npm, git and most of the JavaScript language.

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Advanced React

We'll take a look at advanced web development using React. Some parts of this workshop will be general for advanced web development regardless of frameworks and methodologies, and some will be very React specific looking at how to best use the tools of React to build better web apps.

In order to write better apps, you need a good grasp of Design Patterns and knowing how to use them. Design Patterns is an old and well-established pillar of good software development, and this has ported to React as well, however slightly differently. We'll cover common React Design Patterns and see how they can benefit. We'll discuss general development concepts such as Separation of Concerns (SoC), Don't-Repeat-Yourself (DRY), You-Ain't-Gonna-Need-It (YAGNI). We'll use these paradigms along with the design patterns to both build new apps and refactor wrong ones.

We will also look a bit under the hood and see what makes React work the way it does. Some of these internals are important to at least know at least at a glance in order to write better code. The most important internal item in React is the Fiber, which is where all the magic happens. But we'll also look at Virtual DOM vs Native DOM, Synthetic Events, References and more.

This entire workshop will be very practical, and all coding exercises will be based on real problems, that need solving employing the skills learned. You will get a ton of cheat-sheets and diagrams to help you internalise the syllabus better.

This workshop is for you if you're a midlevel developer with some React knowledge, and really want to understand what makes React tick and how to write better code in your first attempt. You are most likely working in a team or have started out on your own and need to take things further.

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